OBBA's Letter

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors were given Earth to live, love then confer to the next to come.
The Earth once happened to have a gracious symbiosis between humans, animals, plants, and other elements. Each had its own value; each had a purpose to exist.

What are our values today? What are we to be for?
Are women on the right track to freedom?
Are children living a proper childhood?
Should we merge muscularity and womanliness in one same person?


Once we get to identify who we are and once we realize that a bird is not born to live in a cage and sardines are better out in the ocean than in expired date cans, we can then say: we are up to meet in summits to save Mother Earth from climate change, ozone layer damage, desertification, loss of species and the increased cancer rate. Otherwise, our campaigns, activities, and the money spent on international panels will keep on ending in vain.
We have a home. Our Home is called the Big Blue Planet. Let’s Keep it Clean and Keep it Blue.


Have a peaceful crossing,


Eng. Iffat Edriss Chatila,
An element of the Planet