Dear OBBA friends,

Lebanon needs people like you so that you can make your country more beautiful, for everyone in the world to remember it for its beauty. Enjoy this website, make lots of new friends through it, and tell your friends about OBBA and the website. The more of you there are, the more you can help others to look after this dear country of yours.

Switzerland is also a beautiful country, but we had to work hard to keep it beautiful and that makes it easier to maintain. People love it because it is clean, well held and friendly to all its wild plants, animals, and wild birds. Imagine what you can do to help Lebanon, and OBBA is there to help you! The Swiss Embassy wants to encourage you in this endeavour and this is why it has contributed to the creation of OBBA’s website. Looking after this wonderful country is so worthwhile for you now and for the future.

Best wishes and greetings to all of you,

Ruth Flint
Ambassade de Suisse