Sarafand Meeting

Establishing teams in all the coastal zone cities


 Under the patronage of the president of the Union of Zahrani Coast Municipalities Mr. Ali Matar, a meeting was held in Sarafand, at the

Lebanese Welfare Association for the Handicapped on May 2nd 2015 at 10:30 to discuss the agenda of Summer and Autumn 2015 for the first 2 Big Blue Steward teams Sidon and Zahrani Coast. 

The aim of Big Blue Stewardship Program aims at establishing teams in all the coastal zone cities and towns along the lebanese coast, in addition to towns siding river banks.

Our vision is to engage all stakeholders in activities which can preserve and protect the coastal and marine zones and their respective biodiversity.

Through the participation of citizens from all sectors; public and private, we believe we can achieve a sustainable coastal development. 

The foundation of each team includes a representative of the municipal board, a representative of Opeartion Big Blue Association ( OBBA) and representatives of each school, University, NGO, Commercial institutions and Media. 

The meeting was attended by stakeholders from Zahrani Coast and Sidon.

The attendees has agreed on the following agenda: 

1- to participate in the national clean up campaign organized by OBBA on May 10 th

2- to set a date for beach sports competition between the 2 steward teams

3- to train their volunteers to report any marine species encountered whether seen alive, injured or dead on Or through a whatsupp message on 03-747789

4- to meet on the first week of December to evaluate the year. The attendees agreed that this meeting will be in a third coastal city where a third team will be in the process of foundation. 


The Story Behind OBBA

The Campaign to Clean Up the Coastline and Underwater


On the 15th of April 1997, H.E. Minister of Environment Mr. Akram Chehayeb has inaugurated the launching of a cleaning and educational campaign for the Mediterranean, called Operation Big Blue, to begin on international Earth Day on June 5 until October 14, which is Arab Environment Day.



This call came after one day when the diver Eng. Hazem Idriss went out of the water screaming: Stop dumping waste into the sea! Ever since, Hazem has felt irritated after encountering Dead Sea Turtles in every dive. With four of his friends, Hazem has decided to wage a war he called: The National Day to Clean up the Lebanese and Underwater; OBBA.